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University of Queensland Indonesian Student Association (UQISA) is an official and non-profitable club affiliated to the UQ Union and fully supported by UQ International.

UQISA aims at promoting Indonesian culture, facilitating academic, exploring personal interests, developing leadership and management skills of its members.

Although UQISA is initiated and run by Indonesian students studying at The University of Queensland (UQ), it always welcome non-Indonesian students, who are interested in becoming member and learning Indonesian cultures.

UQISA offers companionship and networks among its members through a variety of entirely student-led events such as discussion forums, sport and cultural events, bazaars, fundraising and so forth. Special for new students, UQISA attempts to help them with their ‘survival issues’ on their first arrival in Australia such as providing temporary accommodation list, student’s guidance book, campus facilities, academic supports and getting them around ‘vital’ markets and shopping centers.

Overall, UQISA gives everyone the opportunity to find their niche in the myriad of Indonesian culture and friendliness.
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